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Wedding lights and fireworks

Equipment Sales, Wedding Lights and more!

We have you covered for any event.

Wondering what else the team at Fitzpatricks Entertainment offer? Not only do we hire equipment we also sell it. Are you in a band and need a new microphone, XLR lead or a speaker, let us know what your after and we can provide you with an obligation free quote! 98% of the time we can offer you a cheaper price than our competitors.
Want to take your wedding to the next level? With our beautiful wedding lights for your room, dry ice effects, and fireworks, we have whatever you need.

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Equipment Sales

Gippsland's Largest Pro Audio and Lighting Store.

You can come to us for all your sound and lighting needs. 
Any brand any product... let us provide you with a quote, you wont be disappointed!

In a cover band? Need some new gear for your next function, speakers, mixers, microphones, lighting, leads.... we offer a one spot stop.

We also sell fog, bubble and snow fluids.

If your not sure if we sell it, why not email us today at for an obligation free quote.

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Party Machine Supplies

Popcorn, Fairy Floss & Slushie Machines.

Own your own machine, but don’t know where to buy supplies? Look no further... Fitzpatricks Entertainment sell ingredients and supplies. We offer wholesale prices as well as retail prices. 

Ingredients and supplies available include:
- Corn Kernels
- Butter salt
- Oil
- Popcorn bags (red & white strips)
- Popcorn boxes
- Premade fairy floss sugar
- Fairy Floss sticks
- Slushie syrups

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Popcorn kernels for sale for popcorn machine.
Bridal couple in front of Love sign and fireworks.Soft wedding lights at a winery

Wedding Lights & Packages

Our Complete Bridal Waltz Package - $1,250

Includes Dry ice effect and indoor fireworks for the bridal waltz and then 2x fountains outside for a posed photo with your photographer.

Cloud Package - $395

Includes dry ice effect.

Our Ultimate Wedding Package - $4,200

Includes dry ice and indoor fireworks as well as a short outdoor fireworks display.

If you just want outdoor fireworks, no problem at all... Our outdoor packages start from $4,200 inc GST.
Options of love heart shells, signs and more.

Wedding Lights for your space

Do you hate fluoro wedding lights? Not really the look for your wedding reception? Do you want wedding lights that are a little softer? Enquire now to discuss some custom wall wedding lights (including uplighting, colour themed to suit your wedding).

Please note: Additional travel expenses may apply on services.
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The team at Fitzpatricks are here to make your day as special as we possibly can. We work with you to achieve the best possible result for your budget. Our packs are simply a guide to show you what we do. If it doesn’t suit your needs feel free to call or email us today to discuss options for your big day.

Have you ever dreamt of walking on the clouds? What better way to showcase your first dance than dancing on a low lying cloud. As you and your partner enter the dance floor for your first dance, the dry ice effect will cascade across the floor like a rippling wave and settle to form a beautiful cloud for the duration of your dance.

Want more.....To this we add indoor fireworks fountains. These sparkly items come up through the dry ice glitter and sparkle to approx 1.5 - 3m (height determined by venue ceiling height) then disappear into the clouds. With beautiful soft wedding lights to make your space glow, we'll help you achieve the perfect wedding.

Wedding dry ice hire with fireworks.
Marine hire for events with a saltwater aquarium.


Salt water aquariums are our speciality.

If you need some advice or you're looking for products, please enquire today to speak to use directly.
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Acoustical Treatments

Room acoustics contribute to pleasant and productive environments in churches, home cinemas, recording studios, music rehearsal spaces, schools, cafes, homes and hotels.

Fitzpatricks Entertainment provides professional acoustic consultancy and solutions for domestic and commercial building and room acoustic environments integrating design of audio-visual and acoustics for higher performance and intelligibility.

Our qualified acoustical consultants deliver recommendations in a timely, personal and straight forward manner in simple to understand language.

We specialise in small to medium sized projects providing economical acoustic solutions from identifying and measuring problems to supplying materials for DIY options for the budget conscious through to complete supply, instillation and commissioning solutions. 

Some of our services include:
> Assessments of music and/or patron noise for venues
> Assessments of existing venues acoustical issues and footprint
> Expert advice regarding residential noise control including sound treatment and sound proofing products and solutions
> Expert advice regarding commercial sound control including sound treatment and building acoustic treatment
> Specialist experience in church acoustics and acoustical solutions
> Provision of a wide range of acoustical materials and solutions including insulation, panels, fabrics and custom built acoustic treatment devices
> Advice regarding the internal acoustics within performance spaces.

Acoustical solutions are tailored to each project requirements and we’re involved from planning through to detailed design and practical completion.

Our services assist in achieving the right acoustic characteristics for your project.

> Speech privacy and speech intelligibility
> Reverberation control
> Sound masking systems
> Sound reduction and sound proofing
> Design of walls, floors and ceilings to control noise between spaces
> Control of structure-borne noise and vibration. 

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A bright and colourful Fitzpatricks Fireworks display.

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