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Fitzpatricks Fireworks for any event

Add a whole new level to your function with Fitzpatricks Fireworks pyrotechnics.

Fitzpatricks Fireworks is a Latrobe Valley based Pyrotechnics company, servicing Victoria with professional fireworks displays for the last 20 years. 

Company owners and founders Aaron and Lisa Young have performed hundreds of fireworks displays along the east-coast of Australia including the largest fireworks displays in Victoria and Queensland (budgets over $250,000) before moving back to focus on small-medium scale displays mainly in Victoria. 

Using state of the art Cobra firing systems allows Fitzpatricks Fireworks to fire pyromusicals, indoor pyrotechnics or fully choreographed outdoor displays wirelessly with ease.
Once you have used Fitzpatricks Fireworks you will never look for anyone else, we go above and beyond to ensure you will be a repeat client.

We spend time on choreographing each display to ensure a variety of effects and feels throughout the display. We pride ourselves on our huge finales  and you will never be left wondering "is that the end?...". Typically we fire 30% of the total product in the final 60 seconds of the display.

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Large fireworks display over the water in red and green.

Leave the planning and permits to Fitzpatricks Fireworks.

We take care of all permits, licenses and notifications are handled by us well in advance and we have an excellent reputation and strong relationships with all the relevant authorities, especially locally. 

Fitzpatricks Fireworks have performed displays on multiple occasions on Total Fire Ban days with special exemptions being provided while the same concessions are not provided to many other companies
Site safety areas are secured and clearly shown, display sites extensively cleaned and several additional team members used for fire prevention, monitoring and security at all of our events. 

Every Fitzpatricks Fireworks display we perform is different and is tailored to suit a range of factors including desired effects, location, crowd location and budget. 

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Let's talk about the environment.

Fitzpatricks Fireworks is conscious of the impact that our business activities has on the environment and is aware that for many clients, environmental responsibility is now something they are concerned about when making a decision about selecting a fireworks company. 
We are proud to boast that we have implemented measures to more than cancel out the carbon footprint left by our operation.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Yellow, pink and gold fireworks displayA bright and colourful Fitzpatricks Fireworks display.Multiple coloured rockets in fitzpatricks fireworks display.Fireworks display over a footy ovalThe team at Fitzpatricks EntertainmentFireworks at an event over water.Colourful display of rockets going off.Triple simultaneous fireworks displayCrackling outdoor fireworks display.
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